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Welcome to the Pitch Community


Pitch was developed as an accompaniment to the LearningCog brand by Managing Director, Ric Hayden. To learn more about LearningCog and the work they do, head over to their dedicated website.

Pitch is more than a product or a training programme, it’s about building a community to support local businesses and support you as a business leader, so that you can really meet your full potential and get back in business.

The programme is designed for sole traders, start-up’s or leaders of small businesses that find themselves within a sales environment, but have never been exposed to the sales process before. The Pitch Community are great subject matter experts creating excellent value for your clients. You may be a design agency, or an SEO expert. An Architect, or a kitchen designer. Pitch will equip you with the skills and knowledge that exceptional salespeople have.

The main purpose of this programme is to support your
sales effort without you having to be a salesperson.

2020 has been and will continue to be a difficult time for business as they navigate what a post-Covid19 world looks like. Whether you are a sole trader, start-up or lead a small enterprise, this programme will help you get Back to Business with confidence, skills, knowledge and clarity.


Join the Pitch Community and get back to business

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