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Know Where Your Customers Are!


Know Where Your Customers Are! Workshop Two of the Pitch Programme is about knowing who your customers are, where they are coming from and how you engage with them, all plays a vital role in building and growing your business. Many businesses - be them large, small, independent sole traders, creatives, or sales and service professionals spend time understanding where their customers are. Not only looking at where they physically are, drawing up a map of who to target locally and nationally and making sure that they are the right kind of customer for them. Also, looking [...]

Know Where Your Customers Are!2020-10-16T12:07:50+01:00

Know Yourself, Know your Customer, Adapt your Selling Style


Know Yourself, Know your Customer, Adapt your Selling Style It has been said many times that the key to success of anyone selling a product or service in any organisation or industry lies in the strength of the relationships that are built. Excellent sales and service can turn your customers into valuable brand ambassadors for life. But it’s also a two-way street - customers who aren't happy about the service they receive from you will hit social media in droves and tell their network all about it. Deloitte reports that customers are likely to spend 140% more after [...]

Know Yourself, Know your Customer, Adapt your Selling Style2020-10-13T11:20:12+01:00

The Three Categories of Selling


The Three Categories of Selling Selling can be classified into three broad categories: Transactional selling Relationship selling Added value selling Transactional Selling Transactional Selling is the simplest way of selling, it is a short-term sale in which the customer already knows what they need, so there is little sales skills or knowledge needed. This strategy is all about selling a short-term solution. Neither the buyer North the seller has much interest in extending the relationship. Transactional selling strategies tend to be more common for a business that offer a fairly generic product, or service, with the [...]

The Three Categories of Selling2020-08-11T13:24:01+01:00
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