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It has been said many times that the key to success of anyone selling a product or service in any organisation or industry lies in the strength of the relationships that are built. Excellent sales and service can turn your customers into valuable brand ambassadors for life. But it’s also a two-way street – customers who aren’t happy about the service they receive from you will hit social media in droves and tell their network all about it.

Deloitte reports that customers are likely to spend 140% more after a positive experience than customers who report negative experiences. They go on to say that customers are likely to mention a positive customer experience to an average of nine people, while they are likely tell 16 people about negative experiences.

These statistics tell us that in order for a business to be successful, a superb ‘customer experience’ is the most valuable commodity your business can offer.

Your customers deserve much more than a one size fits all approach, there is no way of knowing what excellent sales and service is because every customer is unique. You may think you know what makes your customers happy but if you were to dig a little deeper you might just find that the way they like to be sold to isn’t quite hitting the mark in the way that you like to sell.

In the first workshop on the Pitch Community Foundation in Selling Programme, we help support small business, independent sole traders, creatives, sales and service professionals understand themselves and their customers, helping them build more successful relationships with colleagues and customers alike. The workshop is designed to help individuals learn how to influence their prospects, customers and key stakeholders, maximising their most critical relationships and their sales or service performance.

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We do this using Insights Discovery, an innovative psychometric tool that’s helps individuals understand their own personal preferences and communication style, and how this might be perceived by their customers and colleagues. Here is a quick way to have a think about what your preference might be. Choose all the words that you feel are representative of you:









If you have a higher number in one of the columns this could indicate your preference for this way of working.

Column 1 represent Cool Blue,

Column 2 represents Fiery Red,

Column 3 represents Sunshine Yellow and

Column 4 represent Earth Green.

Insights Discovery Wheel

If you are Fiery Red, who likes a fast-paced action-oriented meeting, and you are dealing with Earth Green, who likes a calm meeting where they have some time to think, this could mean that these two styles may clash. It is here that as the person leading the meeting you get the opportunity to adjust your style to the needs of your customer and build a better, stronger relationship.

During the workshop you will receive an Insights Discovery report that tells you all about you, your style, your strengths and possible areas of weakness. There is a whole section that talks about the sales process and where you do well and areas that you can develop further.

When we focus on being able to recognise the preferences of other people, it allows you to tailor their customer experience with you directly to their needs. No more one size fits all approach; instead, you will be able to offer the personal service that’s so often missing for customers. Using Insights Discovery and the Pitch Community Programme isn’t about creating sales robots that follow a script. Instead, we help people who need to be able to sell their product or service adapt their style in the moment to the needs of their customers. The Pitch Programme makes sales and service fun and engaging, rather than hard work.

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