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The Pitch Community starts with a six-part programme of development to up-skill you in some essential training and knowledge. From here the Pitch Community will meet once a month for three hours of dedicated training and development. There will be the opportunity to learn tried and tested techniques to enhance your selling skills and then go put them into practice. You will network with other group members and hold each other to account to implement the learning, and generate more business moving forward.

Below you will find further information regarding the Pitch six-part programme. Each workshop requires 3 hours of your time and they will cover aspects of the Consultative Selling Approach. This can be once per week for six weeks, or our fast track training of all workshops over three days. These workshop are designed to deliver against the needs of each individual, and against those of their business. All the workshops are customer focused and enable the individual to fully own the customer as part of the sales process – delivering on the customers’ needs first and foremost.


The Pitch Programme is a fast track programme of development involving six, three hour workshops over the course of 6 weeks. This amount of time allows you to fully absorb the learning, putting your new skills to the test. If you struggle to dedicate this much time, we also offer all six workshops over 3 days. Check out our Training Calendar for date availability.

  • There will be the opportunity to learn tried and tested techniques to enhance your selling skills, as well as putting them into practice.
  • You will network with other group members and hold each other to account to implement the learning.
  • Generate more business moving forward.


The first workshop allows you to get to know your fellow community members, build relationships and network. During the development on this workshop we will use the Insights Discovery Psychometric tool to look at you and your character type. The tool allows you to understand your unique selling style and recognise the behavioural queues of your customers. We take time to look at where your strengths and possible weaknesses are within the sales process and plan to be able to develop these areas throughout the programme. Using the Insights Discovery tool, we will fully understand the different types of customers and what their needs might be.
The workshop begins by checking if you are Task Focused or Relationship Focused, and then continues on to discuss the benefits and needs of each. We take some time to look at mindset and introduce the Comfort, Stretch and Panic Model. The rest of this workshop discusses who customers are and where customers come from. What is the importance of a customer? We also go back to the Insights profiles and plan development in key areas. We take time to look at how you are building relationships with customers and we take a look at what Consultative Selling really is.
This workshop explores the typical steps that a customer might go through in order to reach a buying decision: Recognition of Needs, Selection of Criteria, Evaluation of Options, Resolution of Concerns, Decision and Implementation. We build skills and highlight the importance of nurturing a customer through the process in order for them to want to do business with you. During this workshop we introduce you to the S.P.E.C questioning model and how it can be used to ensure you understand the needs of each and every client.
The practical workshop allows you to explore and try out the skills as we develop. One of the most powerful selling techniques is benefit selling when you demonstrate how your product/service can fulfil each of the customer’s requirements. This workshop will explore the difference between a feature and a benefit and then look at how the solution you present meets their implicit needs. Quite often we present solutions based on the work we do rather than the work the customer wants. We then develop skills around objection handling using a tried and tested objection handling formula.
We negotiate most things every day, whether it is with our self, suppliers, customers or colleague’s, negotiation skills are important in today’s environment. Here we develop you in understanding your skills and behaviours as negotiators. Dealing with difficult customers and handling objections are a major part of this practical and interactive development. This session aims for you to build confidence around your value proposition and develop the skills needed to negotiate with your customers.
Closing and gaining agreement is the easiest part of any sale, if you have built rapport, presented your proposals in alignment with store contact’s agreed requirements. Yet, many individuals are reluctant to close because they fear the customer will reject their closing attempts and the relationship will be damaged in some way. Therefore, your state-of-mind and your beliefs around closing and gaining agreement is a pivotal part of your success in this area. The session will build confidence to close, at the right time for both you and the customer.


£75per workshop
  • *Plus £59 per month for Pitch Membership
  • Price includes 6 months of Premium Membership to Sussex County Business Club


£8685per month
  • Reduced to £59 from 2nd year
  • 10% SAVING
  • Price includes 6 months of Premium Membership to Sussex County Business Club


£92640per year
  • Reduced to £566.40 from 2nd year
  • 20% SAVING
  • Price includes 6 months of Premium Membership to Sussex County Business Club

*It is not compulsory to join the Pitch Community but a recommendation to build on your training and development and form strong networks of support from other like minded business owners.

Insights Discovery


Everyone participating in the Pitch Programme will receive a unique and in-depth Insights Discovery Personal Profile. Our Trainers (whom are all Licensed Practitioners) use the profiles as a springboard, working with you to tackle the challenges each individual may face based on their personality type. We spend time identifying your development areas and how to adapt your style to enable stronger rapport building with customers. The key to your sales success is building long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with your customers.

What is Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery is an internationally recognised psychometric tool based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung. The tool helps you to engage with yourself and others with the use of colour of a simple four colour model. By using colours, it helps an individual to remember and recognise each persons different styles of working, needs and expectations. If you would like to learn more about Insights Discovery, head on over to LearningCog.

75% of Fortune 500 companies use psychometric testing and profiling tools in recruitment. These tools assist individuals to gain insight into their strengths, areas for development and potential blind spots.

World Leading Training & Development

Training and Development

Our world leading training has been delivered with global organisations such as Unilever, PepsiCo and Marstons to name a few. LearningCog have previously been finalists at the British Excellent in Sales and Marketing Awards (BESMA’s) in 2019, and Ric Hayden has been a finalist in the Sales Trainer of the Year category many times.

The programme has been designed around tried and tested tools and techniques and then developed with contemporary thinking and psychology. We aim to make the training as practical as it can be, so as not to get bogged down in understanding the structure. Research tells us that up 81% of people make their buying decision based on the person who is selling them a product or service. Our training is about making you successful at building those winning relationships every time.

Ric Hayden has over 20 years’ experience supporting sole traders and working in large global corporations, FMCG organisations, retail and with local small and medium sized business.

“I have sat on some courses over a number of years each giving me something but none with quite the impact this one has had on a work and personal level I had forgotten how great the tool of listening really is and arms us with so much knowledge to catch those all important fish. I am using SPEC in all sorts of different approaches. “

Jonathon Spencer, Universal Weather and Aviation

Qualified Trainers

Ric Hayden
Ric HaydenCertified Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Consultant
LearningCog was founded by Ric Hayden. A Learning and Development Specialist with many years experience working in global corporations, working at a senior level planning strategic and operational organisational development. Ric’s experience spans business management, logistics, customer operations, sales and service. He has been involved with global mature businesses, worked with small to medium size businesses and has significant experience in turnaround and change management.

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